Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age.” Their scientific journeys ultimately become personal as they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones.

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“This sly documentary rises above its speculative hook by shifting to show the very human, and very mortal, sides of these would-be warriors of eternity.”
- New York Times

“The fountain of youth is engagingly appraised in "The Immortalists," a lively documentary focusing on a pair of very different biomedical scientists who are equally obsessed with eradicating the ravages of time.”
- LA Times

“The Immortalists is a brilliantly bizarre, endearingly quaint, and fascinating documentary”
- The Huffington Post

“A very well-mounted film, with outstanding contributions in Alvarado’s cinematography and Eric Andrew Kuhn’s subtly expressive score.”
- Roger

“An absorbing documentary… top ten most anticipated films at SXSW”
- Indiewire

“Thought-provoking topic with enough screen appeal to draw audiences beyond the fest circuit.”
-The Hollywood Reporter

“Yep, it’s that good… The Immortalists is fascinating from start to finish.”
- Pretty Clever Films

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