Drinking and Long Life

January 24th, 2014

It looks like Bill’s ultramarathon running habit is a virtue for long life, but what about Aubrey’s penchant for imbibing beer?

As Aubrey points out in the film, he drinks about four pints of beer a day and maintains a perfect bill of health. During production, Aubrey would start drinking ale as soon as the pubs would open and continue well past when the camera turned off. Well, it turns out that heavy drinking might be more virtue than vice, if long life is the goal. A study out of University of Texas Austin contends that those who drink alcohol outlive teetotalers. Even the heavy drinkers in the study outlived the abstainers. That said, the study points out that moderate drinkers (defined as 1-3 drinks/day) had the lowest mortality rate.

Of course, alcohol does nothing to cure aging. Drinks on the house if Aubrey’s approach cures aging!